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Suit my skin with no irritation. Still waiting for the best result. Only a week using and apply. Overall good

Avocado Sunscreen
Diane Christin

The best sunscreen ever


Joo Rose

Love it.


I tried the joi deoderant with the nice scents but that irritated my skin. So i changed to the sensitive skin. It works well and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. However it doesn't lasts as long as the one with the nice scents.

Bakuchiol skin booster

My skin loves it. The smells is so refreshing. Highly recommended

Great for irritated skin

Bought few scents for my son, only this one doesn't irritate his skin. Now he will always remind me to stock up when his finishes.

Patchouli Jelly Cleanser

after cleaning feel natural soft & clean, you may like it

Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant

Bakuchiol Skin Booster
Ameera Fawza Abdul Hakim Amir
Bakuchiol skin booster

Alhamdulillah, it’s my first purchase. Been using it for 2 weeks now. My blemish skin and scars are slowly fading. Whiteheads and blackheads also slowly reducing. No irritation at all as compared to retinol. Im still monitoring but so far it works wonder to my skin 🥰

Aloe & Chia Balancing Toner
Lavaniya Panirselvam
The best so far!

Been using lots of toner before, and so far, this is the best!! Loving it 🥰

I love it!

Never Have I Found Such An Effective Product Before This

Hi Joi Team :) I had been trying different products over the past years since my student years (am 28 now) to improve my dry, acne-prone skin.. an am usually met with dissapointment even after spending so much money on super expensive products. The first time I used this, the immediate moisturising effect was super noticeable! Had been using this for about 4 months now and my skin has improved overall: more even and vibrant skin tone, less breakouts, minimised pores, less oiliness, less dryness. Am just started using it with Tansy Blue, and my breakouts are lessening even more. Thank you so so much for helping me tremendously.. keep up the good work 💕☺️

Aloe & Chia Balancing Toner

1st time using this toner. Very good and suitable to my skin

Enzyme Instant Glow Serum

Love the serum & suitable for my skin

Great product

Like the mint feel, easy to use, eliminate BO, last around 8 hours for me


2 weeks into using this product, I can see my skin improve! Love the fragrance and the fast absorption. Non sticky at all.

Notice skin tone improve

I doesnt have unpleasant absorb..take time to sea improvement but i like it

Great serum

It's non-sticky nor oily and absorbs fast. Suitable for my acne-prone skin. Going into my second bottle now. Very recommended.

Love the Lavender! Thanks for speedy delivery

Have yet to try the rose deodorant. But already LOVING your lavender deodorant!!

Thanks for making great quality products affordable ❤️

Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Deodorant

Lavendar Deodarant

The best i have tried. Lasts beyond 12hours.

Mini Natural Deodorant Set

Mini Natural Deodorant
Effective Deodorant