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best deodorant

this is my second purchase from joi. i love the smell. i bought all type this time because i love it and definitely will continue using it.

Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant

So happy with my purchase, no regrets at all! Going for my second purchase ;)

Love it

I am paying 50% lesser and I get the same result as my dermatologist recommend cleanser.
Love the real lavender and lyang lyang smile.

Good smell and refresh

Love de shower gel as it’s moisture the skin and smell refreshing. Lovely


I’m hooked! Now I don’t have to waste time choosing deodorants each time mine finishes cause I have found one that’s perfect.


It has been two weeks since i have been using joi deodorant. I think they work wonder on me. No bad odour for the whole day, easy to apply and easy to get dry. So far i am loving my journey with this deodorant. Gonna come back for more 😀

Eczema Friendly Natural Shower Gel! Work miraculously on my eczema skin

I am so happy to find such a gentle formula that is suitable for my serious eczema condition , it is so good that the essential oil actually leaves a thin oil on my skin as protective layer and moisturise my skin. The various essential oil was so aromatic that it relaxes my mind as I take my bath. I couldn’t thank Joi team anymore! Joi team is really good and helpful, i can finally enjoy some aromatherapy and soothing bath time ! Thank you Joi!


Penghantaran sangat cepat !
Can’t believe even
I berpeluh2 lepas angkat barang
still tiada bau! . Now this deodorant is my fav
First time x berbau lepas berpeluh💕

Lavender & Bergamot

Lovely scent, this is definitely my favourite.

Natural Deodorant Bundle


Im not a huge fan of scents but this thing smells lovely and my odour before was horrible (hormones issue) and after using this i dont have that problem anymore. Been using it for two weeks now


I was a bit skeptical as I’ve tried other natural aluminium free anti perspirants but they didn’t work. But after reading reviews from Joi customers, I decided to give it a try. I must say it’s good and effective and I’ll definitely will be a repeat customer. Thank you

Great product!

i have very sensitive skin, but this works on me!

Satisfied 😊

Im amazed how the deo lasts for a very long time after applying it coz trust mee ive tried maany natural deos before but they dont last as long as this one. thank you very much for the great product!

Not for me

Cypress & sandalwood definitely not for me. But eucalyptus & mint and lavender & bergamot are amazing. Gonna try rose & geranium next


This is my 2nd purchase so obviously this works like magic! Gonna buy again for sure!

Too good for a title.

It stays light on my skin, like wearing nothing at all! No sticky, non greasy. It feels good. Works on me whether I am being passive or active. Completely removed the odour & brought back my confidence. I feel like a new born fragrant baby again! Thank you Joi for this joy! Love love love.


It is true that your BO do not exist anymore. 😍

The best deodorant i've ever try. It's work odors smell at all after 24 hour

Such a great deodorant!

I've been wearing this deodorant for the past few weeks and to my surprise it does work! It doesnt give my body a bad odour which makes me a very happy customer. Thank you!


The smell is good in for many hours and the odour from armpit reduced

Not bad

I like the scent. Might try other scents after this bottle.

It works wonder!

I love the smell, it works wonder <3

good deodorant 👍🏻

the smell is pleasant, not too strong. And the best part is, it does not stain on clothes.