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Great local product. Makes face stays dewy and moist.

Long lasting & smell good

Easy to apply, long lasting (used it for full day yoga class).

A really honest review (not sponsored):

This works wonders!!!! I have been constantly struggling with body odour for years and I’m reluctant to use drugstore deodorants as I am not convinced by the chemical ingredient contained in those products. However, I came across this natural deodorant that gives me a sense of relief when using the product as I know that it is 100% natural. However, do note that this is a deodorant, not an anti-perspirant, so you will still sweat after using the deodorant but it is a good thing to sweat as we still need to release toxins. It is suitable for me as I think BO is my number 1 enemy instead of constant sweating, after just one use after shower, I did not have any BO for the rest of the day. The scent is a mellow lavender smell, which is exactly how lavender essential oil smells like, but since it’s a natural scent, it will not be present after a few hours. Ultimately, I would repurchase this product again as it is safe to use while it does its job of eliminating BO.

It was amazing

Bought this prickly oil just to try out since the comments so good. No doubt, I had used for a week, I can see glow on my face every morning when I woke up, no more dull face. I don’t like the oily sticky feeling, so only put 3 drops throughout night only. Try this and I’m sure your wouldn’t regret, bloody worth the price pay for

Enzyme Instant Glow Serum
Athira Najah Alias

It's super duper nice serum. I felt like my skin looks hydrate amd glowing once i wear it. Especially when i wear it with the face oil and the skin booster. Nice skincare for the local products. I love it 😍👍

Love it!

I’ve been using Joi for 1 year now (after i know that im pregnant my firstborn) stop using chemical & loving everything about it!

really for sensitive

this is the only deodorant that I can apply straight away after hair removal without any pain.. great formula.. this is the first time I got my item with the production date same week as the date I ordered this.. super generous!

Good product!

Keep up the good work - good product & good service :)


The scent is ok infact i'm loving the natural ingredient that joi offer but in term of sizing its small and quite pricey, perhaps should improve on the deodorant size overall

Cheaper & Enjoy

I love the oil as it is light and it has good smell. The oil is similar to one of those expensive brands out there. Overall I enjoy using it while saving my money 😋

Very good face product that I have ever used.

Absorb fast into the skin and it gives my skin radiance

No irritation after used and no breakout

Before this i use veri natural but then i suffer from hyperpigmentation from that.. Really bad on my skin then i decide to try JOI as i saw your ad somewhere. For me personally i sweat a LOT so the smell doesn't last very long for me. However it does improve my hyperpigmentation on my underarms which is more than i could ask for! Overall love it. Definitely will buy again.

Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Deodorant

Best deodorant ever!

I’ve used so many deodorants over the years, I’ve finally found the one for me!! 😍 Dries fast, long lasting, I don’t smell even after I’m drenched in sweat! Best thing is I noticed, even if I go the next day without wearing it, my odour doesn’t come out as strong anymore. Super satisfied with the purchase. 100% worth the buy! *for me at least :D

Mini Natural Deodorant
Rubiniee Mogan

Mini Natural Deodorant

Im in loveeeeee

Tried it and so impressed with its performance of making me odourless throughout my active and hectic day ! the scent for lavender and bergamot is subtle and gentle to skin as I didnt experience any irritation.

I'm so happy

Its been 3 weeks i'm using this, i can see improvement in my skin. Off course its not major but it improce slowly and i like it!!

Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant
Nur Shakirah Bt. Zuratmi

Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant

Great Product

Love it! it keeps my underarm dry for quite long and the smell stays

Natural and Great Product

Love it
Feel mint and fresh


Bought for my daughter. So far it's working great.

Gentle and it works

Feel softer and not so red after using for a week. And it help my hubby acne redness too.

Bakuchiol Skin Booster
Presheela Kumaran

It makes my skin smooth and I’m been using for more than a week now, my dark spots are clearing slowly.. I do have small pimples popping up on and off but it resolves after a day or after a face Wah with joi cleanser