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This bottle (eucalyptus with mint) works! Whole day long! So if you look for something that stays all day even after sweating, come get this. Trust me! Thank you JOI, which is why I’m confident to subscribe for their continuous supply! ♥︎


My first purchase was this used for 3 months. It does help to neutralise BO, but I would say it can last only around 4-6 hours. HOWEVER, my second bottle (eucalyptus with mint) works! Whole day long! So if you look for something that stays all day even after sweating, go get eucalyptus mint. Trust me! Thank you JOI, which is why I’m confident to subscribe for their continuous supply! ♥︎

Great as always

Wanted to try lavender as a change from rose. It smells like essential oil, i prefer rose better

Amazing smell and brighter armpit

I got this the 1st time in hopes that using a deodarant with natural ingredients can help brighten my armpit and it did. I actually got the lavender one first but after trying rose, I reliazed that rose smells better than the lavender one. I did not count the days or weeks until I just realized that my armpit has gotten brighter. But the things is for me this deodarant have to be reapplied after lunch time or else I feel like I smell.

great for sensitive skin

I have very sensitive skin and this has been wonderful for it. Even after shaving under arms.

very nice on skin


Being someone with sensitive skin and found into my 30s, I heard my friends saying how we'll retinol does for signs of aging. However, I was wary of it's side effects and that's when I stumbled upon Bakuchiol and it somehow led me to Joi. This absorbs so well and I kid you not! The few fine lines on my forehead that I was concerned of disappeared in just a couple of days! I was so shocked!!

Wonderful find! Love it!

Really like the light oil texture. I had a bad eczema flare when i got my 1st bottle and it really help hydrate, survived this eczema flare with no skin peeling and scarring! Love it so much I ordered the second bottle for my mom to try.

good product

Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant

Love it

Love this face wash for my sensitive skin, face feels very clean after using, not harsh, but cause some slight dryness if I did not moisturise my face after washing with this product.will continue to use it.

Satisfied with the product

No more body odour

Love it! 😍

I love how the deodorant can be so odourless and last the whole day even if I sweat out so much 🥰 The only thing I dislike is that the white cast that sticks to the skin and stains on the clothes upon usage, but it definitely goes off just after a wash hence not super concerning.

Definitely worth the buy! Can’t wait to try the Rose & Geranium!

Loving It


Loving It

I simply love this cleanser. I realized that my face is much cleaner and brighter, after using this cleanser. It is also because I am using the Serum, Moistruizer and Toner. Thank you JOI for all the good products. Hoping JOI can also introduce perfumes.

Strong smell but effective

It helps my face to absorb the other products better. My face feel moisturised throughout the day even in air-conditioned room. Though the coconut smell is abit strong, I would definitely buy again as it is effective on my skin and works well with other skincare products.

Effective and smell nice.

It is fairly effective. Very nice smell and succesfully mask body odour. Might consider to repeat buying because cheaper rom natural deodorant I'm using right now.

Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Deodorant
Dayana Syafawati Binti Mohamad

Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Deodorant

Rose Deodorant

I was very surprised by the results. Luv it

Totally incredible!

Please buy if you experience unpleasant body odour. Not gonna buy any other brand hehe.

Also superb for aging skin

Only use for 7 days now…. They works for my skin. Use with saffron moisturiser.

Love this toner <3

The smell of this toner is very similar to eucalyptus face souffle. Very soothing & refreshing. Give hydration to my skin. I always use it as first step of my skincare routine.

Sensitive combination skin can use

First time using fruit mix AHA using 3 drops, warm up in my palm then pat on my face as last step of my evening skincare routine. Feels warmer than other facial oil. Use in nighttime only.

Finally I got to try all facial oils

I had bought 2 bottles of Bakuchiol oil before, works on dry lip skin as well. The mini set of face oils I usually layered up to 2-3 types based on my skin concerns for evening skincare ending routine. The face oil makes my skin really soft and smooth ^^

I’m impressed!

I never thought it works well like the well-known brand in the market. It smells heavenly and I always looking forward to putting it on after a shower. Keep it up! And I’m your new subscriber and new fan!