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Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Deodorant

No more BO

Miracle product ! No more smell!! Gone and surprisingly dry, though it’s wet as it’s a roll on when first apply .


Tried few other brands. Joi is the best! Does not have a strong smell (wic i love), and it effectively works on eliminating your body odour the whole day. Love sangat!

Mini Natural Deodorant Set
Suzana Shanti Shamsuli


Very satisfied

A bit wet but the most important is no more body odour.

Active lifestyle

I especially prefer this when i go for run & hike. This is my 3rd time purchasing Joi. It works & m loyal to those who took care of me. LOVE❤️


I never liked any products with oils, but this one is a best thing can happened to my skin. After covid I had very pale and very tired skin, but this booster helps even to cure breakout spots, I'm not talking about healthy look and smooth skin. Enough only few drops. Thanks to JOI for making my skin very happy 🤗

superb. easy to bring during traveling. long lasting protection

Very Nice

I have no body odour since using joi deodorant. This is my second time purchase :)

Good product

Very happy with the texture


I’m 43 year old man. Shaved armpit . Fit and works out . Eat well and live a healthy lifestyle , but my armpit sweats a lot and easily and it’s smell sooooo horrible from the mixture of sweat and material of my clothes . I’m soo embarrass and no perfume can cover up and sometimes make it worse. Tried all sorts of natural deodorants and trying to stay away from those liquid and heavily scented ones and as natural as possible . Nothing really works until Joi arrived in my mailbox . It’s day two and I didn’t sweat much , even if I did there’s was literally no more BO smell!! It’s like a miracle !

Glow skin

Used two bottles so far and my skin is glowing significantly.
I am also using their lavender deodorant and coconut cleaning oil. So far all products works well on my skin and enjoy their facial oil products a lot.

Worth every penny!

I finally tried their Blue Tansy Clarifying Face Oil and wow! It works wonders on my skin ❤️ Initially, I tried layering it with Bakuchiol Skin Booster but found it to be too overwhelming on my skin. So, I switched to applying Blue Tansy in the morning, and Bakuchiol at night.

Been using this for almost a month now and my skin is much better: reduced redness, less breakouts, and smoother skin.

Best Deodorant

I have eczema, excessive sweating and very strong BO. It is very hard to come by a deodorant that suits me. I have tried other hypoallergenic deodorants but they leave stains on my clothes. I like this scent as it is feminine. There is a mini handcarry packaging that I can easily put in my bag and top up if necessary but usually not needed. It just gives me security. I do hope the packaging is reusable for consistent buyers. Just to help reduce wastage. I'm glad I can buy this locally and do not have to resort to more expensive international purchase. It would also be useful to include express delivery if needed, of course with extra charges. Thank you for this product.

Patchouli Jelly Cleanser

Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Deodorant

Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant Bundle

Enzyme instant glow serum

Can see the result after 2 week. I love it so much. This is my 2nd bottle, Can see my face glowing and more fine .

Sensitive Skin Natural Deodorant
Shahida Azmira Rosli
Natural deo- sensitive skin & sandalwood

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!! if you have body odor or you cannot use any body deo like rexona, dr mist or nivea, i swear go buy this deo coz im not even smelly eventho im sweating. Its stay up untill evening i would say. I definitely gonna buy this again and again and again🤧🥺❤️Tqsm i’ve been looking for this kind of deo that suits my skin and problems✨

Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant

What I needed & more

I've been using natural mineral crystal deo for the past 5 to 6 years, and though I loved the freshness and freedom from chemicals, I was looking for something that was easier to use and a bit more pampering. This deo is the first roll-on I've used since 2016 (or earlier, I can't even remember!) and I couldn't be more pleased! While wearing it through the day, the scent is hardly there (which I like), but when applying, it's so refreshing and revitalising, and I look forward to that uplifting moment of aromatherapy every morning. I literally have zero body odour even after a long hard workout or a tough day's work with no time to shower (or wear perfume). One downside was that I did experience some itching after the first applications (as did my sister) and I'm experiencing sensitivity up til now (about a month), I think it's the baking soda. However, I still love it and I'm willing to give the sensitive version a try when I finish this one. What made this deo stand out to me the most is its magnesium and probiotic content. It's exactly what I needed and more :)

Cleanser and toner

Nice product and won’t cause skin irritation…..