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Mini Natural Deodorant
Nurliyana Ramli
Sweat No More

Happily to say that I AM SATISFIED with your rolls. 😍😍😍 Been using it for almost a month now. My armpits felt dry but the skin is soo soft.

Truth be told, before this I went deo-less about a year coz unable to find that one famous brand with my usual scent. πŸ™„

But now thanks to JOI, I can fall in love with up to 4 diff kind of rolls. Currently am using Eucalyptus Mint & Rose Geranium! 😎

Deodorant Cypress n sandlewood

Unfortunately I don't like it it doesn't agree with me won't be ordering it again

The Best cleanser

Love the Snell n how I feel after washing my face... feels like in a beauty spa every single time 😊


This is my 5th purchase and I KNOW I WON'T FIND ANY OTHER DEODORANT THAN THIS. they changed their packaging this time which i find it oddly cute.

From zero to hero

What a breakthrough it’s been for me in my search for the perfect anti perspirant. Thank you for creating this winner for me and for the rest of us! It’s JOI for me from now on!

Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Deodorant
Siti Munirah Abdul Shukor

Love it!

Patchouli Jelly face cleanser

Hi..this product well the smell even it light..not drying, wash away oil, and the best part not so much chemical xx...similiar to international natural product i.e antipodes of cos worth on money..much love to local this.. satisfied.


I have super sensitive underarms, and its been forever trying out multiple available brands in drugstore but none was suitable for me. I kept getting skin irritation. until i found Joi deodorant range in 2021, never change to different brand ever since. Thank you for producing an amazing products yet super gentle to skin. Good job team!

Good product

Long lasting and great smell

Enzyme Instant Glow Serum
G Urmilla Ganesan
Enzyme instant glow serum

Absolutely love this!!!!

Patchouli jelly cleanser

Love the jelly cleanser so much

Patchouli Jelly Cleanser
Rosdiana Sidi Davis

Love, love, love and love it! Suits my skin needs very well. I hope JOI will come out with a make up remover soon!😊

It works!

I always love the smell of lavender. This deodorant not only it worked but also will keep you smell fresh for a longer time. Recommended!

Aloe & Chia Balancing Toner
Rosdiana Sidi Davis
Very refreshing and very convenient!

I love the fact that this toner comes in a spray bottle.. super convenient, super hydrating and it smells so good! Just spray directly on to your face and voila! It make your face instantly dewy! No need facial cotton anymore!

Love this deodorant!!

This is a great deodorant that works to keep me smelling and feeling fresh all day no matter how much I sweat! I've tried so many other deodorant brands that are sticky and make me smell even worse at the end of the day. I love the fact that Joi is all natural and good for my skin. Thanks Joi for creating this product!

The best so far

I tried many brand of deodorants before, and the this latest Joi is the best among all. Will stick to it as it fulfill all my need - not sticky, nice smell, long lasting, no marks on shirt.

Patchouli Jelly Cleanser
Malia Kalanjiam
Patchauli Jelly Cleanser

Love love love this cleaser!!!❀️Cleanse throughly but doesnt strip off moisture. Doesnt feel tense on face either. All natural ingredients and work wonders. 😊 Been using JOI 's coconut & avacado cleansing oil, also loyal user of their deo. I really like JOI's products.

Bakuchiol Skin Booster
Azlinda Ab Kasim
Love this serum

My skin really feels the difference after a week! I also bought blue tansy face oil as well

Sensitive Skin Natural Deodorant


Light and non-greasy

The bakuchiol oil is light and absorp wonderfully fast into my skin. It is a steak compared to famous High end brands in the market.

Really good for people with sensitive skin. This one is fragrance free/has minimum smell so it is perfect for my people with sensitive nose too.


I was changing my double cleansing to a pure vegan base.and this is a wonderful product.then scene wasnt so strong and i didnylt facing any breakout( my skin is super sensitive)


Thanks Joi and team for bringing such good product to us.


It is one of the best deodorants I've ever bought. No lies here. No body odour after applying it, and it feels incredible. Not to mention the minty smell. Just amazing!!! I would buy more in the future.


Love the smell and its work well to my children