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It's work!

This is my first time trying deodorant by Joi and my honest review is it's totally works! There's no more body odor and the smell was really comforting. I'm so glad I found joi and 100% will repeat it. It so wonderful! Thank youu

It actually freakin' works.

First, the scent. OH YUS. It's so fresh and calming.
The next, is that it actually does what it says it does! This deodorant did keep me "fresh, dry and odour-free for up to 12 hours" - yup!
It kinda coats your armpits with a thin layer of *something you can feel on your skin* but it doesn't bother me, it's not sticky and it dries up quickly.
All-in-all, it works, it smells great and lol, you get to apply probiotics to your pits - sthg about that makes me lul. :3

Vacay in a bottle <3

I LOVE the Lavender & Ylang Ylang scent! I read a review that said it reminded her of Bali and I immediately clicked "purchase". LOL. This was totally a "something-I-bought-through-an-Instagram-ad" purchase but wowie, a total WORTH IT purchase. Initially I was worried it might leave me feeling oily but it actually feels super moisturising when you shower. So yes, this shower gel feels like a relaxing, Balinese spa vacation in a bottle. Plus, I love that I can use it on my face too! UGH. I SMELL SO GOOD FROM FACE TO TOE. Make bigger bottles please! :D And I totally agree with Natasha. I want this scent in EVERYTHING on me now.

Worth the price

It smells wonderful and does get rid of body odour but only lasts a few hours. If I sweat a lot, i would have to put it on twice during the day. It's not sticky and doesn't stain my clothes. Because it's all natural, i would definitely buy it again cause I'm breastfeeding my child so this deodorant is safe for me to use.

Not afraid of my pits sweating anymore

Since puberty I've been suffering from bromhidrosis (狐臭). Every time I'm felling stressed or nervous the odour would emerge. I tried Dr.M- spray & Rexon- deodorant before but they made my pits sweat & stink even more. Since then I've become extremely conscious of my bo and wouldn't get too close to people around me, always keeping my both arms closed, afraid of others discovering my ugly truth. Even without using bo products my white shirts would turn yellowish at the pit area as well after some time. So after reading about Joi I bought the mini set. In Klang Valley area it arrived the next day! I had fun discovering the scents and introduced Joi to 2 of my friends (1 of them also suffering from bromhidrosis), they each took the scents they liked. 1.Subtle scents 2.Easy to apply 3.Quick drying 4.Deodorant that works 5.Feels comfy. I really appreciate it Joi, thank you for developing this product!

Effective and refreshing

Really happy with Joi deodorants, this is the second one I’ve tried. The smell is refreshing and as a product it’s long lasting and effective. The only downside is that if I apply straight after shaving it stings because eucalyptus and mint essential oils are very strong. This didn’t happen when using the Rose Geranium scented deodorant. That being said, if you are someone who doesn’t shave your underarms, or you can wait a few hours before applying deodorant, then you should have no problems with this product!

mini natural deodorant

I really love this deodorant ! it helps to remove body odour and it also helps with lightning my underarms. Highly recommend this product ! Worth my purchase.

Love the scent of the LAVENDER & BERGAMOT NATURAL DEODORANT. Definitely will purchase again!

Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Deodorant


Good smell n natural

Odour free and pleasant

Bought the deodorant last week and tried it out today. I'm super sensitive with smell and i sweats a lot.
I noticed that

1.My body doesnt have the unpleasant smell even after hot out day
2.No discomfort or irritation
3. I forgot that i even wore it
4.I still smell nice

Would recommend the deodorant to someone who have sensitive skin, particular with smell and sweats a lot.

works wonder

this is my second time purchase and by saying that, you can guess that i really really love the deodorants. The best deodorant ever! would love to try the soap later :D

It's safe and it works!

With joi, I'm more confident! Thank you.

Smells good!

Love the product! Smells good and love how it dries up easily!


Love the scent, soothing, but I love the Rose Geranium more.

This set is so handy

Well designed and it is so handy to bring it everywhere.


The smell is fresh and sweet..i love it

Exceeded expectations

Subtly scented yet powerfully defensive against odour - this is good stuff! Well done, Team Joi πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Deodorant

Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant

Rose & Geranium Natural Deodorant Bundle

Lovely deodorant

I love everything about this product. The name for my new deodorant makes me smile, the beautiful natural soft smell of rose and geranium, the long lasting effect, the roll on works very smoothly and off course the fact that it is mostly chemical free. This deo is very special a real joi of a found in a market where most products are so chemically done. My only improvement feedback would be it is plastic and not sure if made of recyclable but would be good if could be made from recyclable material. Have already repurchased the bundle. Thank you

Experience of using shower gel & deodorant

Shower gel:
Work well with my sensitive exzema skin. Won't feel dry out and in loved the after shower smellπŸ’• definitely will purchase again. Recommended to those wanna try out. You will not regret 😏

The essential oil smell won't even change during sweat. Not itchy or sting feeling when applying the deodorant. Recommended to those finding the right product. It's worth to try πŸ‘