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i already tried their lavender and eucalyptus mint at the moment, seriously i love them both! If you're looking for something fresh, go for eucalyptus but if you're looking for something sweet, go for lavender! and their deodorant is way more long lasting then i expected even if you sweat a lot! keep giving the best magic to us <3

No more odour

This product really surprised me! I tried other natural ingredients product, none working as good as this. I can see the result 1st day after I started to apply Joi. Thank you team for the excellent product!

Coconut & Bamboo Hydrating Toner
Nazatulnadiah Ahmad Nawawi
Nice smell

Suka bau kelapa yang nice dan tidak berminyak lansung. Love it!!!

Miracle worker

Ok pls this works wonders! I’ve had such bad BO since high school and I hated the smell so bad, especially now when I’m staying at home all the time due to MCO all I have to do deal with it. Other deodorants from sports brands I’ve worn before would work, but my BO would come back once I’ve washed it away in the shower (as expected). Other brands also always felt unpleasant to use but joi’s deodorant literally changed my BO into something that’s so naturally sweet and bearable! It’s true that it lasts up to 7-8 hours, but after using this consistently for about a week, I stopped being consistent and only used it every 2-4 days a week and my BO would still smell good?! Definitely life-changing, good job guys. Also I have eczema around my under arm area too sometimes and it really doesn’t affect or trigger it so that’s a hugeeee bonus

Surprisingly moisturising

I have chronic eczema, and whenever my flare ups happen I’m always too scared to shower because my body soaps and face wash would always make my skin feel a bit dry and it would be such a painful experience. But this natural shower gel works way better than I expected compared to other brands that are eczema friendly. Showers are still painful of course, but after putting this shower gel on my body it actually lessens the pain faster than other brands, leaving my skin moisturized during the shower itself while making it smell SOOO good and calming. I’m so surprised the lavender scent did not trigger my eczema as we are always advised to avoid fragrances on our skin. Good job joi, seriously!

No more bad odour

This deodorant does the job.. the smell is light and pleasent. Plus ,it does not leave stain on white much satisfied .

Have mercy

This cleansing oil makes my skin feel like the milky way. SO SOFT AND CLEAN.
I can actually feel pimple whiteheads being gently rubbed away and taken care of.
If the milky way had a feeling, this is it.
I was curious about how this would work on my skin and I am so glad that I got it!!
Joi is literally the best. I'm never looking anywhere else for cleansing oils and toners.

Mini Natural Deodorant Set
Athira Najah Alias
Awesome deodorant

It's really nice deodorant that i ever had before. The deodorant dry quickly and didnt leaving any stains on my cloth. The smell of the deodorant also nice and lasted a whole day.

Ideal for oily skin

Best cleanser for oily skin and blackheads. Almost all cleared all the blackheads. Gives dewy skin and smooth supple skin..Adds a nice glow to the skin and a refreshing smell.Love it alot. Im really happy to have a clean skincare brand in my own country.

Good product, loves it!

Good product, loves it! Will repeat every month!

Rose & Geranium Natural Deodorant

Great Product!

Worth every penny

Superior Quality

Love all the scent, my current favourite is Rose & Geranium. You can tell that Joi has put much love into making their products, with quality in mind. A little goes a long way.

Mini Natural Deodorant
Sharifah Alya

Mini Natural Deodorant

Great cleanser

My skin never feel so fresh n thisss

Treat my skin better

Moist accordingly n treat my skin

Natural Deodorant Bundle
Nur Azizah Ghazali

Natural Deodorant Bundle

Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Deodorant Bundle

Face oil

I like the texture , not really oily, smell jus nice, feel good after apply it. Can’t wait for the result. And most importantly, it’s affordable. Will repurchase it for sure


I have been using this for about 2 and a half weeks and I am absolutely in love with this oil. I use it every night after a light moisturiser and it keeps it super supple and my under eyes are nice and not dry, it also gives me that morning glow. And the texture of my skin has really improved as it's moist from within and not only on the surface. Definitely will buy again and also pair it with the bakuchiol oil that I just bought!

To be honest, I really like this deodorant. The scent is not so strong and you don't have to worry if it clashes with your perfume notes. Plus, it is not too sticky after you apply it. I believe the ingredients are also safe and aluminium-free. It won't clog my underarm pores and it's safe and delicate for my skin. I would totally recommend this deodorant to others. Joi for JOIful underarms hahhahahah


Smells like heaven, feels like joy, expands my skin's elasticity and I can feel it calming the muscles on my face.

Great Skin Booster

Its been almost 10days of using this Bakuchiol Skin Booster. Its in squalane, you need to warm up your palm before application. I can see my skin glowing daily (please don't imagine like ring light glow), most importantly, my skin is healthier. A few drops is sufficient for the whole face, i use twice daily and together with TXA to help reduce mild pigmentation and fine lines on my face. Its a great product, good value. There's no break out or clogged pores as I don't skip skincare regime but in a week, i have one rest day just to let my skin breathe. I will definitely buy this again but it looks like this small bottle can last 6months or more.

It works!

Skin glows and is visibly clearer after 2 weeks of usage. Does not cause breakouts, even out skin tone and it moisturises too! Will definitely be coming back for the 2nd bottle

So smooth!!

It so smooth on my skin and does not make my skin dry.
Love the texture as well. Proud to have trusted local product that promote natural ingredients.